[Hack] Spotify 5.7.0/Deezer 6.3.0 +1 [No-Jailbreak]

1:18 PM

For Spotify you will have Unlimited Skips, Change Sound Quality, No Ads and No forced shuffle (leaving out offline listening). 

For Deezer you will have all of the Premium Features which includes No ads, Play Offline, Unlimited Skips, Seeking, and more.

Julio's instructions (Simplified):

How to use:  
Rename App file extension .ipa to .zip and Extract
Open main App Executable(like: Payload/AppName.app/AppName) on any Hex Editor
Replece all occurencies of string "/usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib" to "@executable_path/Sys.dylib" and Save Changes
Copy file Sys.dylib to same Dir of App Executable(like: Payload/AppName.app/)
Compress back to zip and rename compressed file extension .zip to .ipa
Use iOS App Signer to sign and install with iTunes/Xcode/other.

Cameron's instructions (More in-depth):

What you will need: 
A Mac (or you could use a Virtual Machine if you’re on Windows, please don’t come to me if you’re having problems with it because I’m not using one so won’t know the answer)
Xcode (Free on the Mac App Store, could take a while to download)
IPAInstaller (Download here)
iOS App Signer (Download here)
An iDevice (Doesn’t need to be Jailbroken)

Plug your iOS device into your Mac
Open up Xcode, create a new project, select Single View Application
For the Project Name type ‘Spotify’ and for the Organisation Identifier type ‘com.*yourname*’ (Use Deezer for the Project Name, if that's the one you're doing)
Press next and then Save it wherever you like
Press ‘Fix Issue’, Sign in with your Apple ID and click Add
In the Popup, select your Apple ID and then press Choose
Now download this Spotify IPA file and open iOS App Signer (This if you're wanting Deezer)
Drag the IPA file you just downloaded and drag it into the ‘Input File’ space on the iOS App Signer application Select your Apple ID in the ‘Signing Certificate’ section and then in the ‘Provisioning Profile’ section select the appropriate provisioning profile
Put whatever you like as the ‘Display Name’, most preferably ‘Spotify' (Or Deezer if that's what you're doing) Press start and call it what you want, then wait until it says ‘Done… etc’ at the bottom of the application Finally, open IPAInstaller, drag the NEW ipa file onto where it says ‘Drag & Drop Your IPA file Here’  
Press ‘Extract’ the wait until the program says ‘Now press Install’
Press install, and then wait until the program finishes
You’re done! (If you open Spotify, or Deezer, and a popup appears, follow on to steps 16, 17 and 18)
Unlock your iDevice, go to Settings -> General -> Scroll down to the bottom and Select ‘Profiles & Device Management’ (May need to wait a coupe of seconds for it to show up).
Then scroll to the bottom of that and under the ‘Developer App’ header it should show your Apple ID, select it then press ‘Trust’.
You’re all done, Spotify, or Deezer, premium for free! Enjoy! (it’ll still say you’ve got a FREE membership, but you’ll have all the premium features that I explained above) 


Links to the ipa if you didn't spot it within the tutorial: 
Spotify: http://www80.zippyshare.com/v/BVSiYaSk/file.html 
Deezer: http://www83.zippyshare.com/v/gL2Obdw1/file.html

Julio for creating the ipa with the hack in it.
Cameron for creating the tutorial
Klepto for trying to do the tutorial, but then realizing it was longer than expected and no longer wanting to try it. 

-Deezer registrations for those in the US require you to use a VPN in order to get an account.
-Do Not Update the App, you will lose the hack features.
-I didn't create this hack or tutorial, nor am I taking credit for it.
-It'll be cleaned up a bit more tomorrow.

Can also be used for other non jailbreak hacks but that's another topic for another day.

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