Weekly Mod: how to replace the back casing on an iPhone 4

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How to replace an iPhone 4 back
Replacing the back casing of an iPhone 4 is by far the easiest hardware modification for do-it-yourself types. Even the most casual user shouldn't have a problem performing this one. If having not only a glass front, but a glass back makes you nervous, or you just want to switch it up to white or stainless steel and really stand out, this guide will walk you through how to replace the backing on your iPhone 4.
Hit the jump for a walkthrough, some pics, and a video guide!
DIY: How to replace the back casing on an iPhone 4
Anytime you make any hardware repairs, make sure to do them in a dry, clean place. You don't want any liquid or dirt getting inside your device. I typically perform repairs on a cool, clean surface and use a few white sheets of printer paper. The paper makes it easy to spot screws. As always, be careful. With this particular walkthrough, remember that if you ever need to take your phone back to Apple for repair or replacement, you'll need to replace the default back.

What You'll Need

  • A new back. The choice is yours but keep in mind they range in quality. I picked up my brushed metal back on cnn.cn for $13
  • #00 Phillips screwdriver - they are rather common and can be picked up at a local hardware store or online

Taking off the back casing

  • With a #00 Phillips screwdriver, carefully remove the 2 screws located on each side of the charging port
  • Set the screws aside
  • Hold your phone with both hands and firmly but gently slide the back casing up by applying even pressure and pushing up
  • The back casing should simply slide up, you should then be able to lift it up and set it aside

Putting on the replacement

  • Line up the casing by sliding it in place from the top (slide down, opposite of how you removed the original back)
  • Firmly (still gently) slide the casing into place, you should hear it click into place
  • Replace the 2 screws by the charging port. Be careful not to screw them in too tight, as you could strip them.
You're done! You can now enjoy having a different back on your iPhone 4. This is great for users who have been waiting for the white iPhone as long as you're okay with the front not being white. (The front panel is replaceable as well, but the process is much more extensive.)

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