[Hack] WhatsApp++ Twitter++ Snapchat++ Instagram++ FB++ YT++ On Non Jailbroken iPhone.

12:17 PM

you need a Mac and xCode from Mac App Store ( 5GB)

Snapchat++ ( same as every other Snapchat Tweak )
Twitter++ ( Some sharing options shit )
WhatsApp++ ( disable read and doesn't let anyone see you are online )
YouTube++ ( save YT vids and shit ) 
FaceBook++ ( I don't use FB so idk )
Instagram++ ( Saving Instagram posts and a couple of other things )

1. Download this zip and unzip in to your desktop. 
2. Find a cracked version on snapchat/Twitter or WhatsApp off the web *cough*VShare*cough*
3. Once you D/L whatever app you picked off the web rename it to "app.ipa" and place it in the ppsideloader folder that you put on your desktop.
4 - Open xcode and sign in with your Apple ID. 

Once its been added click on it and where it says iOD Dev press create. Note- On mine i didn't have the create button but it still worked so if it failed just move on to the next step

Alright now go back into the ppsideloader folder and open the ppsideloader xcode project.

To the left of xcode click on ppsideloader. Then make sure your iDevice is selected

Now under Bundle ID rename it to something.something.something just like how i have. then under the team again make sure your iDevice is connected and picked

Also under deployment target put whatever iOS version you are on, for me im on 9.3.1 but some reason it failed so i put 9.3 and it still worked fine.

Now if you try to open it it wont sooo Go into Settings - General - Profile and Device Management - ( Your Apple ID ) then press Trust. it will now open.. 

When ever the app needs updating you just re do the whole thing. Takes like 2min.

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