[Hack] Snap++ For Snapchat v9.29.1.0

12:04 PM

Hacked App: Snapchat 
iTunes Link:  https://itunes.apple...d447188370?mt=8  
Working on iOS 9.x.x (I havent tested iOS 8 and below) 

Hack Requirements: 
iOS device 
Free Apple Developer account(Free non developer accounts work fine to..) ( to create a free developer account click enroll on this page: https://developer.ap...rograms/enroll/ ) 
Decrypted/cracked Snapchat IPA
(optional, precompiled version already included) DocsDylibLoader
Mac OS X (Yes... You can use Virtual Box for this for the people asking...) 

Hack Features: 
- Spoof Location
- Create groups
- Custom Filters
- Image Editing...
- Upload from camera roll
- Secretly take screenshots..
- + more.. check the settings once your done...   that might help there will be something called Snap+ Settings.   (In Snapchat)

Hack Download Link: 

Installation Instructions: 
Download Xcode from the Mac app store onto you Mac (https://itunes.apple...497799835?mt=12)
Connect your computer with your iPhone using your cable
Open Xcode
Navigate to Xcode -> Preferences -> Accounts
Click the + button on the bottom left and sign in with your iTunes username and password
Click on the "Personal Team" team and click details
Click "Create" next to "iOS Development"
Download this project and unzip 
Inside the new unzipped folder (default called ppsideloader-master) you will find a blank "app.ipa" file. You will need to replace this with a decrypted ipa of the app you are trying to tweak.
Find an IPA online of the app you would like to tweak (google something like YouTube IPA download)
Once you have downloaded the IPA, rename it so it has the filename "app.ipa"
Overwrite the empty "app.ipa" inside the ppsideloader folder with the "app.ipa" file you downloaded earlier. Open "ppsideloader.xcodeproj"
Click "ppsideloader" on top left -> Then under targets click "ppsideloader" again
Click on the General tab:
Change the Bundle Identifier to something unique (i.e james.you.tube)
Click on the team dropdown and select "Personal Team"
If Xcode complains that there is no provisioning profile click "FIX"
If you have an App Store version of the app installed on your phone of the app you are trying to tweak you will have to uninstall that version first before the next step!
Click the Play button on the top left and the sideloaded app will start building
Please note that if this is the first time you are building the app, on your phone go to Settings -> General -> Devices and Trust the new profile

- Credits: This project was inspired by work that https://twitter.com/dvfying did on https://github.com/Defying/TweakPatcher

          Snapchat Update & How To Hack It!

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