[iOS 9.3.3] Amazingly minimilistic and clean setup!

5:09 PM

If you're like me then you really like nice jailbreak setups.
Here's one that really caught my eye, hope you enjoy. 

Credits: Eason Zheng


Springtomize 3 to hide elements;
Tap to unlock 7;
Cataracts from GroovyLock for the charging battery logo;
Grabby for these quick launches on the bottom.

Passcode Page

Simple Passcode Button to hide letters on buttons;
SleekCode to hide button frames.



Theme - Gotham & Glyph plus some icons made by me;
Side_SBHTML to have the side bar on the screen;
Homescreen Designer for lay out of the icons;
Protean & Rebar to customize status bar;
Easy text from iWidgets for folder names;
Springtomize 3 to hide docks and other elements.
CustomFolderIcons to customize folder icons;


Springtomize 3 to transparent folder background and unblurred icons.


Springtomize 3 to hide elements;
Polus to customize icons & toggles.

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